Zenith Behavioral Health

Our Arizona rehab center provides residential mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 who are struggling with substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma-related problems, co-occurring disorders, and more.


Our therapeutic approach considers the many facets that might have contributed to the onset of addiction or mental health conditions from a foundation of compassionate care and clinical expertise, with each program uniquely designed to focus on producing lifelong, sustainable health and recovery. Through our acclaimed treatment model and comprehensive services, we treat the primary mental health issues that are the underlying causes of high-risk behavior.


Our integrative recovery plans combine conventional, evidence-based treatment and research-supported clinical methodologies with alternative therapies that treat the whole person. Our expertise and unique approach to personalized treatment sets our Arizona rehab apart from other centers. If you are seeking effective treatment for substance abuse or mental health concerns, our rehab center in Arizona is here to help.