For Veterans

We specialize in providing tailored care for veterans facing a variety of mental health and addiction diagnoses. Our team is dedicated to supporting those who have served our country, addressing their unique needs with compassion and expertise. Our programs are small, limiting enrollment to 10 to enable our staff to address the unique needs of each Veteran in our care.  Some of the specific diagnoses commonly seen among veterans include:

Mental Health Diagnoses:


1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A mental health condition triggered by exposure to traumatic events during military service, leading to symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, hypervigilance, and avoidance behaviors.


2. Depression: Veterans may experience depression as a result of combat experiences, loss of comrades, difficulty readjusting to civilian life, or other stressors associated with military service.


3. Anxiety Disorders: Conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder, which may be exacerbated by traumatic experiences and transition challenges.


4. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Veterans may experience TBI as a result of blast injuries, concussions, or other combat-related incidents, leading to cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms.


5. Substance Use Disorders: Many veterans struggle with substance use disorders, including alcoholism, opioid addiction, methamphetamine, and misuse of prescription medications, often as a way to cope with trauma or pain.

Co-occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis):


Veterans may also present with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, requiring integrated treatment approaches that address both conditions simultaneously.

Military-Specific Challenges:


In addition to mental health and addiction diagnoses, veterans may face unique challenges related to military service, such as:


Military Sexual Trauma (MST): Veterans who have experienced sexual assault or harassment during their service may suffer from PTSD, depression, or substance abuse as a result.


Combat Stress Reactions: Veterans may struggle with readjustment issues, survivor’s guilt, moral injury, or challenges related to reintegration into civilian life.

At our dedicated Veteran programs, we recognize the sacrifices made by our service members and are committed to providing specialized care that honors their service. Our residential programs offer a supportive environment where veterans can receive comprehensive treatment tailored to their specific needs. Through evidence-based therapies, peer support, and holistic approaches, we empower veterans to overcome their challenges and reclaim their lives.


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